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Enhance Safety and Situational Awareness

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ACSS is a Joint Venture Company of L3 & Thales

A global leader with vast design, manufacturing, support and sales experience

Aviation Communication & Surveillance Systems, LLC (ACSS) is a joint venture company of L3 & Thales. ACSS is responsible for the design, manufacture, and support of all our products, and handles sales to our regional airline, business aviation, general aviation and military customers. Thales Avionics is the exclusive sales and support agent of ACSS products to Commercial Air Transport customers operating Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

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Our Products

Lynx® ADS-B Transponder
TCAS 3000SP™

Seamless Service & Support for Everyone

From Air Transport to Military, ACSS Takes Care of it All

When it comes to complete and uncompromising service and support for Air Transport, Regional, Corporate or Military clients, ACSS has the team of experts to take care of everything on your checklist.

If you’re an Air Transport customer, you can get immediate help with a global range of support and services for avionics from Thales, which provides all technical support and AOG services for ACSS.

Air Transport AOG Services
Provides Commercial Air Transport with Aircraft On Ground LRU services for ACSS products (administered by our logistics partner OEMServices).

The Americas Region

Phone: +1 732 242 6363
Fax: +1 732 242 6393

Europe/Middle East Region

Phone: +33 1 49 75 45 73
Fax: +33 1 49 75 45 74

Asia/Australia Region

Phone: +65 6542 20 55
Fax: +65 6542 30 55

For our Regional, Corporate and Military customers, ACSS offers a comprehensive support structure to ensure you get the help you need when you need it.

The button below will take you to L3 Authorized Repair Centers so you can find the right support closest to you.

Exchange/Rental Services for Regional Airlines & Corporate Aviation Customers ACSS’ Exchange and Rental program is supported by a worldwide network of Support Centers, giving operators of ACSS-equipped aircraft unmatched field support.
 We provide exchange and rental services of ACSS LRUs to existing ACSS customers. (administered by our logistics partner AVGroup)

U.S Callers

Phone: + 1 (866) AOG-TCAS or +1 (866) 264 8227

International Callers

Phone: + 1 (678) 597-2791
Fax: + 1 (770) 457-8563

For immediate support, please contact our dedicated field service staff at 1-855-532-7746.

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Rely on ACSS for a Complete Line of Repair & Overhaul Solutions

ACSS R&O is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) repair center for products manufactured by ACSS and sold by ACSS and through our sales network. The ACSS team is dedicated to providing the highest level of service.

ACSS: The Versatile Provider

A Global Leader in Avionics Systems that Enhance Safety and Situational Awareness

Aviation Communication & Surveillance Systems (ACSS), 70 percent owned by L3 and 30 percent owned by Thales, is a division of L3 Aviation Products Sector. L3 Aviation Products Sector, a provider of commercial and military avionics, manufactures a diverse line of safety- and efficiency-enhancing products for next-generation requirements, including configurable voice and data recorders, collision avoidance systems, navigation products, display systems and processors. L3 Aviation Products Sector also offers aftermarket services, including MRO and integrated performance-based logistics for military and commercial systems.

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