Web-Based Training

ACSS is now offering web-based avionics training!

The training courses available teach system description, flight operations familiarization, maintenance procedures, and product interface for ACSS TCAS, TAWS and SafeRoute ADS-B products. All of the training courses offered by ACSS have been accepted by the Federal Aviation Administration as Inspection Authorization (IA) Renewal Training. Once you have created an account, ACSS will review your account and provide you with access to view the appropriate catalogs and courses. Please take the opportunity to self-enroll in our FREE TCAS Change 7.1 course once you have created an account. If you have any questions, please send an email to crc.acss@L-3com.com

Customize your view

The side bar allows the students to choose between Notes, Thumbnails, Course Outline, and Search features to customize the training experience.

Multimedia format

Depending on the course, short videos, quizzes and/or interactive animations are used to keep the students interest and improve the learning experience.

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