TCAS 3000SP

More functions, same footprint

Mandated Change 7.1 SW Included

The TCAS 3000SP (Surveillance Processor) is based on ACSS’s very successful TCAS II/2000 product line with more than 15,000 units delivered and proven reliability. The new system delivers industry-leading TCAS II capability with the option of enhancing the surveillance capability with certified ADS-B In (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) applications.

The TCAS 3000SP delivers enhancements in reliability and computing power to handle the most demanding applications, including the mandated Change 7.1 enhancement and Airborne Separation Assurance System (ASAS) upgrades. Software-only upgrades can be made to add ADS-B In functions, such as Surface Area Movement Management (SAMM), Merging & Spacing, CDTI Assisted Visual Separation (CAVS), InTrail Procedures (ITP) and Cockpit Display of Traffic Information (CDTI), which are all part of ACSS’s SafeRoute® suite of ADS-B applications.

The TCAS 3000SP is completely backward compatible with the TCAS 2000, and provides appreciable operating cost savings through its reduced weight and power dissipation. Other features include an internal data recorder with external PC-based data analysis tool, maintenance aurals, and the ability to perform easy on-board software uploads using a built-in compact flash port.


ADS-B/NextGen Avionics

As part of ACSS’s mission to provide avionics that enhance safety, situational awareness and efficiency, ACSS has led the industry in the development of avionics based on Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) technology. ADS-B is the cornerstone technology for the NextGen air traffic management system.

ACSS has certified DO-260B (TSO c166b) capable Mode S Transponders that transmit precise ADS-B Out position, speed and intent data to nearby aircraft. That enables ACSS’s suite of SafeRoute® ADS-B In applications, which includes SafeRouteInterval Management, InTrail Procedures (ITP), CDTI Assisted Visual Separation (CAVS) and Surface Area Movement Management (SAMM). SafeRoute capability is an option available in the TCAS 3000SP platform.

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