2-MCU Class A TAWS

The Superior Strategic and Tactical Tool

The TAWS+ Terrain Awareness Warning System from ACSS brings advanced terrain prediction and avoidance technology into your cockpit in a standalone package providing superior functionality at lower cost. In applications where an ACSS integrated traffic management system (T²CAS®, T³CAS™) is not needed, TAWS+ is the safer terrain solution.

TAWS+ has the patented Terrain Advisory Line (TAL), “Avoid Terrain” and Engine-Out features. These advanced functions encompass terrain, obstacles and airport databases. Available with standard aircraft climb rate, TAWS+ offers a unique set of enhanced features in a 2-MCU Line Replaceable Unit (LRU). An optional GPS card can be installed in the same unit, providing even greater situational awareness capability. The same capability is available as part of T²CAS and T³CAS.


Building on the TAWS+ capabilities, TAWS+performance is a step beyond conventional TAWS offering the higher level of safety afforded by basing alerts on an aircraft’s actual ability to climb. Sophisticated modeling of aircraft climb capabilities provides the most complete picture for improved situational awareness. For a higher level of safety, turn to TAWS+performance.

Terrain Advisory Line

In addition to aural and visual alerts, TAWS+ provides enhanced situational awareness with our unique Terrain Advisory Line (TAL) feature. TAL extends the conventional TAWS cautionary terrain segment relative to the current aircraft altitude. The TAL reaches out to 30° on either side of the aircraft flight path and out as far as two minutes in front of the aircraft, providing flight crews with an enhanced indication of potential hazards in the current flight path. The TAL is customizable for each operator

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