ADS-B Updates
 ADS-B Upgrades

ADS-B/DO-260B Compliance Options for FAA and EASA Mandates

Delays and congestion continue to build in the busiest airports in the United States and Europe, as well as the surrounding airspace. In the U.S., the Federal Aviation Administration must not only address the current congestion, but also be poised to handle future demand. The FAA has been developing the Next-Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) for the purpose of changing the way the National Airspace System (NAS) operates.

Install a new NXT-800/600 or upgrade the XS-950 ATDL software to get DO-260B compliance
and meet the global mandates for ADS-B Out.

NextGen allows the NAS to expand to meet future demand and support the economic viability of the system. In addition, NextGen will improve safety and support environmental initiatives, such as reducing congestion, noise, emissions, and fuel consumption through increased efficiency.

Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) is an essential part of the NextGen airspace upgrade that will improve aircraft visibility. ADS-B provides increased safety, efficiency and environmental awareness for pilots and air traffic controllers at a lower overall cost than the current radar system.

By 2020, aircraft operating in controlled U.S. airspace will be required to carry equipment that transmits ADS-B messages. The FAA has published a mandate requiring ADS-B transmitters in many types of aircraft to take effect on January 1, 2020.

As for Europe, the EU requirement for ADS-B Out is Jan. 8, 2016 for new aircraft, with retrofit installations due June 7, 2020.

Certified Solutions

Certified ADS-B equipment from ACSS is built to meet the ADS-B Out standard, DO-260B. To certify the ADS-B Out performance with any DO-260B transponder installation, a position source compliant to Advisory Circular 20-165 is required, as is a substantiation report of compliance to AC 20-165 from the position source manufacturer. Other supporting documentation may also be required by the Regulatory Agency.

The software upgrade to the ACSS XS-950 ATDL and the new NXT-800/600 products are DO-260B compliant to meet the global mandates for aircraft that are required to have ADS-B Out capability.

The software upgrade to the ATDL and the NXTs result in ICAO Level III transponders, capable of both uplink and downlink extended length messaging, as well as delivering the latest functionality for ICAO ACAS II mandate compliance, European Elementary and Enhanced Mode S Surveillance Downlink of Aircraft Parameters (DAPs), and ADS-B 1090ES extended squitter.

The upgraded ATDL and NXT transponders are compatible with all ARINC 735B/735A/735 TCAS II systems, including ACSS TCAS 3000SP™, TCAS 2000™, T2CAS® and T3CAS®.

ATDL and NXT-800 Mode S Transponder

Model XS-950 ATDL Mode S Transponder Upgrade Options

Customers operating the existing ATDL Mode S Transponder (7517800-xxxxx) have the following upgrade options available. Most of the options defined below are on-board ARINC615 upgradeable units. Those conversions that change the first two digits of the dash number require hardware modification and will be required to return to an ACSS Authorized Service Center for the upgrade. Conversion from a -1xxxx to a -55xxx or back is prohibited.

From Part No.

DO-260B FAA Compliant –xx310 Mod B

DO-260B FAA & EASA Compliant –xx400

DO-260B FAA, EASA and Airbus Compliant –12401

7517800-xx002, xx003, xx004 xx005, xx007, xx009, xx100, xx200 and xx310 (no mod)

(ATA 7517800-23-6030)


7517800-xx002, xx003, xx004 xx005,
xx007, xx009, xx100, xx200 and xx310

(ATA 7517800-23-6027)

7517800-xx002, xx003, xx004 xx005,
xx007, xx009, xx100, xx200, xx310 and xx400

(ATA 7517800-23-6026)

ARINC 718 Retrofit Solutions

When Operators and MROs begin to evaluate a compliance solution, a retrofit alternative may be the best means for compliance. ACSS offers various options that should be seriously considered. When evaluating your aircraft configuration, remember ADS-B Out DO-260B capability requires a WAAS-capable Global Positioning System unit. ACSS also has available a wide assortment of compatible/compliant Transponder Control Panels, not listed in this publication.

 Options  Description  Part Number
Option 1  New ATDL Mode S Transponder
(FAA Compliant DO-260B)
 7517800-xx310 or xx400
Option 2  Overhauled ATDL Mode S Transponder
(FAA Compliant DO-260B)
 7517800-xx310 or xx400
Option 3  NXT-800 Mode S Transponder  9008000-xx000

RCZ-852 and NXT-600 Mode S Transponder

Model RCZ-852 Transponders (Part No. 7510700-ALL) for Regional and Business Aircraft Application

The current RCZ-852 stand-alone Mode S Transponder is not upgradeable to meet DO-260B/ADS-B capability. To comply with these requirements, the unit will require replacement. The NXT-600 is based on the previously certified RCZ-852 Transponder. Retrofitting from the RCZ-852 to the NXT-600 provides additional functionality, and is a fully-compliant ADS-B solution.

Model NXT-600

  • Form Fit replacement for the RCZ-852
  • Improved Freescale MPC8308 Processor
  • Legacy Configuration Strap Card replaced with industry accepted program pin
  • On-board maintenance operations using COTS interfaces
  • Front panel LED support
 Part Number  Description

Regional Corporate Mode S Level 3A, ADS-B Compliant (28VDC)

 9516000-001  Assembly, Mounting Tray (NXT-600)
 7510359-910  Primus II NAV and COMM Connector Kit


Service Bulletins

To view Service Bulletins and other publications, visit:

Ordering Information

Purchase Orders submitted must contain all specific requirements as detailed in the respective ACSS Service Bulletin. When submitting a PO for ADS-B/DO-260B upgrades, prices of each upgrade are associated with the label per aircraft, not the software content.

  • To submit a Purchase Order for ADS-B/DO-260B operational software and label:
    ACSS Order Administration
    +1 (623) 445-7040
  • To arrange your transponder return to ACSS R/O for upgrade:
    ACSS Repair and Overhaul Administration
    +1 (623) 445-7030
  • To upgrade your transponder to ADS-B/DO-260B via an exchange:
    Exchange and rental services are administrated by our logistics partner AVGroup. Please contact:
    +1 (866) 264-8227 (US Callers)
    +1 (678) 597-2792 (International Callers)
    +1 (770) 457-8563 (Fax)

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